Squid exhibits in Ghent!

Squid is synonymous with simplicity. You stick the fabric to the window in a few easy steps, and it fits any type of interior and architecture. Simple, but genius. It's a blend of solution-based product development, innovation and traditional production techniques, as was highlighted at the 8th triennial 'Hands on Design' exhibition in Ghent.


In today's virtual world, we're craving real, tangible products more and more; products that don't just satisfy our basic requirements, but also hold emotional value. We're increasingly tending towards the emotional, and are interested in the origin, recycled materials or the underlying reason.

In response to these trends, Design Vlaanderen organises the 'Hands on Design' exhibition to showcase companies who are using traditional crafts in new ways, applying old knowledge to develop methods for creating innovative products with emotional value.



This seems to be a good description of Squid. Squid is developed and produced by Lampe_textiles in Tielt, Belgium. Driven by its passion for textiles and love of all things beautiful, Lampe_textiles strives to develop fabrics that inspire creativity and a sense of emotion. Quality and innovation are also top priorities. We're constantly on the lookout for innovative textiles solutions.


The story behind Squid

Squid is the result of a collaboration between Philippe and his son, Thibaut. In 2014, Thibaut asked is father if he could develop curtains that didn't damage the wall. He wasn't allowed to attach anything to the walls in his new student digs. The solution had to afford him the required privacy, but without fully blocking the view during the day like window-covering film.


Father Lampe took on the challenge and the eureka moment came a few months later: a self-adhesive ‘curtain’ which you can see out through, but which stops people outside from looking in.


Design Museum Ghent

Squid can currently be admired in the Design Museum in Ghent. We came up with a creative use for the occasion: printed Squid which forms an artistic whole on the Design Museum's windows. So make sure you look up and give your eyes a treat. It's there for you to go and see until 5 March 2017.