Designers and architects love Squid in Milan

4 - 9 April 2017 - Salone del Mobile is undoubtedly the world’s largest design event, with 300,000 design-lovers being inspired by the latest trends from renowned and less familiar designers, design brands and a handful of design academies, every year. Milan is the design Mecca where the general public will meet Squid alongside the big hitters in the world of design this year.

For one week, the entire city is taken over with installations by famous designers and young talents alike presenting their innovations to the public at large. Squid was on display in the Palazzo Litta, a monumental gem in the heart of Milan. The interior of the pavilion was wrapped in a chain of 300 pairs of jeans, a creation by designers Diller Scofidio and Renfo, following the main theme of “Linking Minds”, made possible by a collaboration between DAMN magazine and Mosca Partners.  

The Squid installation was designed by architect Tommy van den Brandt and symbolises the spectacle of privacy and transparency with the outside world. The self-adhesive window fabric, Squid, allows you to see out while preventing people outside from looking in. This was demonstrated in the form of a floral chandelier created by Belgian florist and artist Tomas De Bruyne. Brightly highlighting this floral design really showed off Squid’s unique fabric texture. 

This quality, together with the ability of using various printing techniques to print designs on the fabric, sparked the enthusiasm of the thousands of architects and designers who saw it. Squid is a transparent and elegant alternative to common window-covering film. It’s also easy to reposition and care for once installed, and fits any type of window regardless of shape and size. The audience was full of praise, using expressions such as “bellissimo” and “grande”.

In other words, Squid has found a place on the international map, and is now ingrained in the minds of the world’s most progressive designers and architects. How about you? What are you waiting for?!

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